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Continuing Education State Requirements

State of Michigan Requirements Overview

Total Hours: 18
General/Elective Hours: 12
State Mandated Legal Update Hours: total of 6 hours (must complete 2 hours per calendar year)
License Renewal Period: November 1,2015 - October 31, 2018



Getting Started with the CE Marketplace

As you may have heard, the way you track your continuing education credits has changed. The LARA site used to track your credits, but as of January 1, 2015, you are responsible for tracking the credits you earn. 

The CE Marketplace has already imported all of your continuing education credits earned through December 31, 2014 from LARA, you just need to register with the CE Marketplace to view your info. Courses taken that have been certified through the CE Marketplace will be automatically tracked on the site, while courses not certified by the CE Marketplace will have to be tracked by the individual. Learn more about how to register with the CE Marketplace and start tracking your credits! 

Get started at the CE Marketplace!



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