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About Us

The Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors® is the Trade Association for the Washtenaw County, Michigan REALTORS®. Established in 1919, the Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors® has grown from 20 REALTOR® members to over 800 REALTORS® and affiliate member today.

The mission of the Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors
® is to serve its membership

The Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors® promotes standards of REALTOR® professionalism, ethics and integrity; provides tools and technology to enhance membership profitability; communicates REALTOR® viewpoints on private property issues to government officials; and markets the value of REALTORS® to members of the public.

(*The term REALTOR® is a registered mark that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the world’s largest trade association, the National Association of REALTORS®, and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics.)


Staff Directory


Executive Officer

Nancy Merdzinski, RCE, CAE, e-Pro

Executive Officer & Professional Standards Administrator

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Doug Swartz, CPA, e-PRO

Director of Finance & Administration

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Lica Straub, e-PRO


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Ginger Nefsey, e-PRO

Multiple Listing Manager

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Angella O'Keefe, e-PRO

Membership, Education & Events Manager

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 emily kirchner120x160



Emily Kirchner

Communications & Social Media Manager

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REALTOR® of the Year

The REALTOR® of the Year award is given to a REALTOR® who has made a commitment to contribution to their community, clients and the local and state REALTOR® Associations.


Kay beige 1 12 07

Kay Merx
Real Estate One


Kay Merx of Real Estate One, this year's REALTOR® of the Year, has been in the real estate business for 37 years, and has showed her passion for the industry through her continuous service to the Board and her activity in the community.

Kay has earned her Associate Broker license after just 4 years in the industry. She has also obtained her CRS, ABR, and CDPE designations, and numerous other accreditations. She has always held as her personal guideline that she "must add at least one new skill, achievement, or task each year as a REALTOR®," so that she would always be growing and advancing in the industry.

Kay has participated in countless activities to better the community. She spent 13 years on the York Township Tax Review Board, and has served as Vice President and President for the Building Trade Program for the Saline, Milan, Dexter, Chelsea, and Lincoln Schools Vocational Consortium. She directed weekly volunteers for Ann Arbor Motor Meals for 5 years and organized charitable fundraising for Special Olympics and Social Services holiday giving.





Who's Who of Past REALTORS® of the Year

Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS®
1986 - 2015



Jean Willing


David Lutton


Pat Williams


William Cornish


Dawn Foerg


Sandi Smith


Bev Sikorski


Michelle Derr


Laura Dykstra


William Kinley


LaTanya Keith


Mary Helen Gilbert (in memoriam)


Edward Surovell


William Miliken


Vance Shutes


Jeff Stabnau


Susan Snyder


Joe Peoples


Rick Jarzembowski


Dennis Pearsall


 Alex Milshteyn


Enice Burns


Paul Frisinger




Robert Andrus


Peter M. Cornell


 Linda Lombardini


James Anderson


Helen Corey


 Kay Merx

Ann Arbor Board of REALTORS®
1967 - 1985



Robert Davis


John Swisher, Jr.


David Gillies


Charles Reinhart


Richard Caldwell


Carl Brauer, Jr.


Ruth Hobbs


Robert Thornton, Jr.


Bart Hamilton


Fred Eibler


George Fahmie
(REALTOR® Associate of the Year)


Peter Cornell


Lawrence Larson


Carolyn Lewis


Randolph White


Warren McLean


Jerry Klein


Robert Thornton, Jr.




Janice Caldwell



Ypsilanti Board of REALTORS®
1967 - 1985



Maurice Obermeyer


Wendell Barnes


David Hamilton


Ruth Murray




William Cornish


Harold Lawson


John Simpkins


Allen Elmer


Norman Abercrombie


Gerard Elmer


Larry Collins


Keith Metty


David Simpkins


Franklin McVeigh


Lucille Compton


Marion Starwas


Patricia Ballard

Affiliate of the Year

The Affiliate of the Year award is given to an affiliate member who provides significant contributions and outstanding service to the Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS®. Recipients are nominated by their peers and elected by past award recipients.  

2015 Affiliate of the Year

 DSC02259 4
Constance Pearson-Ramirez
Cislo Title


Constance Pearson-Ramirez of Cislo Title has been in the industry for 38 years and has remained a positive force throughout her career. Her success in her field is a true reflection of her professionalism and work ethic.
Constance enjoys working with different people in the real estate industry and has always strived to accommodate those working with her. She started her career in the banking industry as a teller and worked her way up to management. She now works in the title industry, where she has enjoyed working for the past 13 years.

Constance is involved in her community, and has been active with the Banking Association, Ann Arbor Kiwanis, Special Olympics, Easter Seals, Chelsea Methodist Home, the City of Ann Arbor Homebuyers, and the NAACP—just to name a few.
On top of that, Constance is currently serving as Vice President of the Women's Council of Washtenaw, is involved with the Women's Council of REALTORS®, serves on the Governmental Affairs Committee, and is an active participant in numerous Board events, including serving on educational panel discussions for the benefit of Board members.




Who's Who of Past Affiliates of the Year

Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS®
1988 - 2015


Year Name                                           Year Name                                                  Year Name
1988 Ken Collica 1998   2008 Cindy Reach
1989   1999 Thomas McLinden 2009 Jeff Fletcher
1990 Gary Selesko 2000 Scott Broshar 2010 Teresa Myers
1991 Patricia Suggitt 2001 Gary Selesko 2011 Christy Perros
1992 Bill Holmes 2002 Debra Ellison 2012 Kitty Rose
1993 Ira Mark 2003 Michael Hobercht 2013 William Smith
1994 Richard Stuber 2004 Thomas Richardson 2014 Sharon McRill
1995 Ron Fletcher 2005 Greg Ottaviani 2015 Constance Pearson-Ramirez
1996 Mary Wiseman 2006 Kristy Haborian    
1997 Marcia Major 2007 Nancy Burger    

25+ Year Members


Allen John Elmer
Ann Marie Kotre
Arie Staal
Armand P. W. Hewett
Audrey Johnson Thomas
Barbara C. Lunarde
Barbara E. Wise
Barry Leigh Luchs
Betty Jo Kolb
Brenda Bukis
Bruce Finkbeiner
Bruce H. Benz
Carl A. Brauer Jr.
Carol L. Packard
Carolyn B. Lepard
Charles R. Reinhart
Chin N. Kim
Darla J. Bohlender
Darlene M. Curtis
Darwin Jordan
David L. Dean
David W. Lutton
Dawn H. Foerg
Deborah Engelbert
Deborah L. Chapel
Dennis F. Longo
Dennis M. Vessels
Diane L. Hays
Diane Marie Bice
Donald Dugas
Douglas Arthur Milkey
Douglas Spaly
Edward B. McIntosh
Edward D. Surovell
Edwin Coy
Elizabeth Vermett
Eunice L. Burns
Francine J. Jones
Franklin D. Baldwin
Franklin D. Mc Veigh
Fred Eibler
Full Name (Name Field)
Gail Sugar
Gary N. Selesko
Gene DeRossett
George C. Hewens
George Fahmie
George Paul Frisinger II
Glenn A. Cole
Gregory L. Johnson
H. Barton Hamilton
Helen M. Lancaster
Helen Margaret Corey
Irene E. Villeneuve
Jacquelyn Allen Brewer
James Frederick Mangan
James K. Newton
James W. Anderson, Jr.
Jane H. Baker
Jayna L. Eckler
Jean S. Willing
Jeffery V. Brookshire
Jeffrey L. Stabnau
Jeffrey Ronald Gallatin
Joe D. Paschall
John Jang Harn Su
John R. Kurkjian
John R. Simpkins
John W. Shattuck
Kathryn A. Stivers
Kay E. Merx
Keith Charles Pratt
Kenneth C. Collica
Kenneth Michael Sharrock
Kevin K. Duke
Kurt Rudy Schmerberg
La Tanya Bradley Keith
Larry Bane
Linda L. Tenza
Linda N. Jones
Lisa Stelter
Marian Gregor
Marie Van Schoten-Hunter
Marilyn S. Parkinson
Marion S. Powers
Mark A. Smith
Mark R. McDonald
Martin Bouma
Mary C. Hewett
Mary Ellen Wood
Mary Raymond
Michael A. Wagner
Michael D. Tefft
Michal E. Porath
Michele Mary Derr
Miriam Weininger
Mona Langguth Walz
Nancy Ann Harrison
Nancy D. Bishop
Nancy E. McLeod
Nancy Hewens
Newton R. Bates
Nicola K. Noel
Paul Allan St. John
Philip F. Conlin
Philip M. Weaver
Pierre St. Amour
Rachel Serena Massey
Ralph P. Schmuckal Jr.
Randall S. Simon
Raymond V. Bologna
Rebecca Zeigler
Richard F. Stoll Jr.
Richard G. Bignall
Richard Jarzembowski
Rita L. Tomsic
Robert F. Spaly
Robert H. Amick
Robert H. Thornton, Jr.
Robert Hoeft
Robert J. Skrobola
Robert John Bykowski
Robert John Ziegler
Robert L. Butler
Robert L. White
Robert N. Chizek
Robert N. Hightower
Robert Riemenschneider
Ronald Dean Marten
Roy Jackson
Sandra Louise Smith
Sharon A. Snyder
Sharon Roberts Osojnak
Sherri I. Richwine
Sherry Grammatico
Stephanie Savarino
Steven Albert Easudes
Susan Adele Perry
Susan K. Schmunk
Susan L. Kellam
Terri Spiteri
Theodore Dorr
Thomas B. Mc Mullen
Thomas H. Clauss
Thomas Racine
Timothy Albert Harrison Sr.
Virginia L. Metty
Ward K. Stamm
Warren Donald McLean
William C. Martin
William C. Weir
William D. Kinley
William E. Wilson
William J. Flood
William P. Hallas
William Robert Cretney
William S. Craven
William Thomas Miller