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Environmental Awareness Award

Congratulations to the 2015 Recipients!

The Environmental Awareness Awards are presented by the Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS® to Washtenaw County individuals, organizations or businesses who are proactive on environmental issues including:
• Using products that contain recycled materials or energy saving qualities.
• Taking steps to clean up environmental problems.
• Developing innovative recycling or reuse programs.
• Restoration and remodeling efforts that promote historical preservation and reuse materials.


Ann Arbor Learning Community

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The Ann Arbor Learning Community is a kindergarten through eighth grade charter school that provides students with a rich environmental education program that brings teachers, students and parents together, through their Gardening, Environmental, and Outdoor Education Committees. Students learn about gardening, sustainability, recycling and environmental consciousness through nurturing live plants, maintaining small orchards, gardens and other outdoor spaces, recycling and reusing items and providing outdoor education in a natural setting.



City of Ann Arbor Greenbelt District Program and Green Things Farm


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The City of Ann Arbor Greenbelt District Program has preserved and enlarged the greenbelt around the city. In November 2003, residents of Ann Arbor voted, with an overwhelming majority, in favor of the Open Space and Parkland Preservation Millage, commonly referred to as the "Greenbelt Millage." Funds are used to protect agricultural and open space land outside of the City, within the Greenbelt District. The Greenbelt Program protects working farmland and natural areas, as well as, protecting land along the Huron River.


Green Things Farm is a successful farm north of the city on Nixon Road owned by Farmers Nate and Jill Lada and is in its fifth year of production. The Lada’s credit the Greenbelt District Program for making it affordable to purchase the farm. The farm provides fresh local produce and sustainably raised meat year round to enhance the health of the local community. Their produce and meat are available through local farm share programs, farmers markets and many local restaurants.



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