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AAABoR has received reports of suspicious behavior by an individual with a lapsed license attempting to show listings in our area. Please be alert that Peter Mariaci, who is claiming to work for Keller Williams Somerset, has a lapsed license, and is therefore not authorized to show real estate listings.

10/22/18 - Craigslist Scammers Still Targeting REALTORS®

It has been reported that scammers are continuing to target REALTORS® in our area by listing houses that are for sale as "rentals" on Craigslist. Scammers take residential properties that are for sale and repost them as rentals asking for deposits to secure the deal on Craigslist ads. This has been an ongoing issue since 2012. Please be aware of these scams and follow these tips to deal with them:

  • Agents can set-up a Google alert for their listings so that when new results for that address show up in Google Search they will be notified in an email.
  • Should you discover one of your listings reposted on Craigslist, immediately "Flag" the posting as "prohibited" and Craigslist will immediately remove the post.
  • File an online complaint with the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center.
  • Notify the local authorities. Note that the perpetrators are typically located out-of-state/country, but there have been some arrests made locally as well.

NAR's REALTOR® Safety page.

7/16/18 - Beware of Scam Emails Appearing to Come from NAR

WARNING: If you receive an email appearing to be under the REALTOR® Party banner, it is not from NAR. 

The email is a solicitation to help "Jim" with a financial donation.

This solicitation is not from the REALTOR® Party or the National Association of REALTORS®. NAR will never solicit donations for personal or individual charities. All donations go through the REALTOR® Relief Foundation. 

Please delete this email if you see it. The National Association of REALTORS® urges its members and state and local REALTOR® associations to be on high alert for email and online fraud. 

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