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DocuSign Phishing Scam

7.28.20 DocuSign Phishing Scam

Agents have reported receiving emails that appear to be legitimate from DocuSign. The fake email says that there is a DocuSign document to view. Once you click on the link it takes you to a phishing website that prompts for your password. It is not the DocuSign website. If you click on this link and enter your DocuSign password, it is most likely compromised. This is a slick way for the scammers to gain access to real estate documents.

Scammers Spoofing Lender Emails

Please be alert for fake emails coming from scammers posing as lending professionals sending emails. There have been recent reports of scammers spoofing emails that look as if they are coming from local lenders saying that clients are "pre-approved" for a loan. Scammers are becoming more and more convincing, with fake letterhead and realistic looking email addresses. Find more information about how to avoid fraud and what to do if you suspect it here.

Jury Duty Scam

Several Ann Arbor REALTORS were contacted today as part of a jury duty scam.  The scammer calls claiming to work for a local court and states that the person did not appear for jury duty. The scammer tells the victim that a warrant has been or is going to be issued for his or her arrest. 

The scammer tells the potential victim that they can clear up the matter by paying a fee or fine at the Sheriff’s office. The payment form is requested to be some type of gift card and the scammer offers to help by having you share the card information as you are in route to the Sheriff’s office.  

Always be cautious when speaking with someone by phone or email from a person claiming to be law enforcement and requesting payment of any kind.  Law enforcement will never contact someone and demand payment or personal information by phone or email. 


AAABoR has received reports of suspicious behavior by an individual with a lapsed license attempting to show listings in our area. Please be alert that Peter Mariaci, who is claiming to work for Keller Williams Somerset, has a lapsed license, and is therefore not authorized to show real estate listings.

10/22/18 - Craigslist Scammers Still Targeting REALTORS®

It has been reported that scammers are continuing to target REALTORS® in our area by listing houses that are for sale as "rentals" on Craigslist. Scammers take residential properties that are for sale and repost them as rentals asking for deposits to secure the deal on Craigslist ads. This has been an ongoing issue since 2012. Please be aware of these scams and follow these tips to deal with them:

  • Agents can set-up a Google alert for their listings so that when new results for that address show up in Google Search they will be notified in an email.
  • Should you discover one of your listings reposted on Craigslist, immediately "Flag" the posting as "prohibited" and Craigslist will immediately remove the post.
  • File an online complaint with the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center.
  • Notify the local authorities. Note that the perpetrators are typically located out-of-state/country, but there have been some arrests made locally as well.

NAR's REALTOR® Safety page.

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