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Education Committee 2015

Chairperson: Amanda Lawrence, John Adams Mortgage
Vice Chair: Jodie Franklin, Berksire Hathaway HomeServices
Director Liaison: Bill Smith, Concord Mortgage Group
Staff Liaison: Angella O'Keefe

Goals of the Education Committee:
1. To identify and present educational opportunities that best meet the membership needs.
    A. Reccomend Designation courses.
    B. Identify opportunities and topics for timely local education (e.g., seminars, panels, roundtables, etc.).
2. Educate and promote environmental awareness.
    A. Administer Environmental Awareness Award
3. Promote Fair Housing awareness and education.
    A. Use Board communication vehicles to promote souces of Fair Housing materials available to REALTORS®

All appointments to this committee are for a term of two years.

Name Position Phone
Amanda Lawrence - John Adams Mortgage Chair 734-741-1695
Jodie Franklin - Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Vice Chair 734-223-1310
William Smith - Concord Mortgage Group Director Liaison 734-864-4815
Angella O'Keefe - AAABoR Staff Liason 734-761-7340
Laura Bennett - Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel 734-761-6600
Linda Brown - Community Financial Credit Union 734-582-8580
Thomas Bullard - Huron Valley Financial 734-669-8000
Kristine Burgess - RE/MAX Platinum 734-260-2643
Nancy Chenevey - Keller Williams 734-995-9400
Megan Crosbie - Charles Reinhart Company 734-971-6070
Pia Crum - Charles Reinhart Company 734-429-9449 x4541
Betsy de Parry - Elizabeth S. de Parry 734-761-8990
Julie Gagne - RE/MAX Platinum 734-741-1000
Bill Grimes - Liberty Real Estate Associates 734-995-5626
Chundra Johnson - Real Estate One 734-531-9165
William Layher - US Inspect 734-604-2060
Marygrace Liparoto - RE/MAX Home Sale Services 734-459-7646
Gordon Loll - Trillium Real Estate 734-302-3011
Ahmed Makkiyah - RE/MAX Platinum 734-741-1000
Teri McDaniel - DFCU Financial 734-337-7770
Travis Otto - Keller Williams 734-995-9400
Kayia Robinson - Hinton Real Estate Group 810-844-1495
Lisa Rozmamiewicz - Capital Title 734-662-5457
Linda Schaner - ReMax Platinum 734-741-1000
Jeremy Shaffer - Ann Arbor State Bank 734-761-1475
Martha Smith - Charles Reinhart Company 734-769-3800
Jerlee Taylor-Bond - Keller Williams 734-995-9400
M. Jeanice Townsend - Keller Williams 734-995-9400
Stephanie Truss - GreenStone FCS 734-769-2411
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